Imaging subcellular organelle structure, dynamics, and interactions

Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz
26.02.2024 00:11
Biomedical Center (BMC)
Small Lecture Hall N 02.040

A European perspective on structural barriers to women’s career progression in neuroscience

Teresa Spanò & Ashley Bourke
27.02.2024 11:00
MPI for Biological Intelligence, Martinsried
Zoom Meeting ONLINE PRESENTATION Meeting-ID: 844 7224 0120, Kenncode: 185545

TGFβ1-induced KANK4 promotes breast cancer cell invasion in a Rac1-dependent manner;Light-activated synth.rotary motors drive lipid membr.out of equilibrium

Andrea Seiwert & Yusuf Qutbuddin
28.02.2024 13:00
Max Planck Institutes, T-Building
Large Lecture Hall

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